A lovely review by Irene Hahn

Irene runs the Roman History Reading Group. It's a group of like-minded people who gather online every two weeks to talk about modern books set in ancient Rome, and also ancient Roman books. They let me hang out with them even though I come from the Greek end of town. Anyone interested in this stuff would be very welcome to join in.

Irene's become a minor history celebrity since she started the reading group, to the point that publishers are sending her books to review. One of them, at my slight prodding, was The Pericles Commission.


Elizabeth said...

This book just needs to come out already!

Outstanding review. I'm so excited. For you (obviously), but more importantly, for me, since I get to read it soon!

Gary Corby said...

This book just needs to come out already!

Yeah, tell me about it. Waiting is the hardest part (and very hard to concentrate on book 3 too...)

H Niyazi said...

Congrats on the review Gary.

I am also very pleased that your book will have a kindle edition!


Gary Corby said...

Glad you like the idea of the kindle edition. I have a feeling the clever people at Minotaur do that automatically. The first I knew of it was when it appeared on Amazon!