Moving home! or "Dad, your blog looks so 2010."

This blog is moving to a new home!

I've been totally silent over the last couple of months for a few reasons, one of which was that we were traveling around Greece and Italy.  (Yes, it really was book research. Honestly!)

I'll be writing more about that soon.

Another reason is that I've been intermittently working on a new home for my web site. 

Some time ago my elder daughter looked at this site and said, "Dad, your blog looks so 2010."

Well, I certainly wouldn't want to look so old-fashioned. 

The new site is a bit different, though it's hard to make a basic blog look much like anything other than a basic blog.  I got the blog posts migrated over the weekend, which was lots of fun since there are 500+, believe it or not.  There are still more broken links than I would like, but I think it's good enough to move.

The new site should be a lot more phone-friendly, which is a bonus.

At some point in the next couple of days I will redirect to the new home.  Everything else will happen auto-magically.

As Nico would say, "Of course it will work.  What could possibly go wrong?"