How to put links in your comments

Did you know you can put links in your comments? If you want to provide a link to something when you write a comment, you need to put the link inside an anchor tag. What works on a web page will also work in the comment box. Like this:

<a href="http://mylink">my interesting link</a>

Blogger will recognise the anchor tag and turn it into a proper looking link when it posts the comment. So for example you might write:

Stephanie blogs on writing a novel about the amazing Hatshepsut at <a href="">her interesting blog</a>.

(I picked Stephanie's blog at random from my followers. I hope you don't mind Stephanie.)

Which, when it appears after you post the comment will look like this:

Stephanie blogs on writing a novel about the amazing Hatshepsut at her interesting blog.


Stephanie Thornton said...


Gary, you just made my day! A kazillion karma points have been awarded to you for the blurb. I only discovered your blog recently via Janet's blog (check out that embedded link!) and I can't wait for your book to come out. I'll be first in line at Barnes & Noble!

Or wait... Maybe I'll be first to preorder! Bwahahaha!

T. Anne said...

OK. I'm testing to see if I did this right...

T. Anne said...

OK, back to the directions... *Blush*

Gary Corby said...

Thanks Stephanie, I hope I get to read yours some day; Hatshepsut was very cool.

Gary Corby said...

LOL Anne, don't worry about it! Please everyone feel free to practise here if you want.

It'd be cool to have a list of everyone's blogs, come to think of it.

If nothing else, a lot of comments will make my blog look more popular. :-)

Yamile said...

Posting links on the comments section is in my to-learn list. Thanks for the tip!

MattDel said...

I'm all for cross-promotion and making other people's blogs look more popular. ;)

Oh and Stephanie? Race you to be the first one to read Gary's book when it comes out! :)

Here's my random musings: Free The Princess

Mimzy said...

Oh, you guys don't have a prayer beating me at internet pre-ordering! Bring on the race! :)

Mimzy in the Tulgey Wood ....Which now I'll have to update...

Gary Corby said...

Superb choice of blog name, Mimzy. Jabberwocky is my favourite poem.

My fine friends, you have no idea how much it gladdens a debut authors heart to hear people will race to buy your book. You have increased my expected sales to as high as...errr...3.

Alright, maybe slightly higher.

I will be doing a book tour around the US next year, and if I don't get to meet each of you I will be devastated.

SomedayAuthor said...

I'm in for the race as well...looking forward to it waaaayyyy more than The Lost Symbol next week! How about that?

Gary Corby said...

Wow, thanks Trisha. That's flattering.

Mimzy said...

You're coming to the U.S!? You're getting sleeeeepppyyy.... Veeeeeeeery sleepy.... Good! Now listen carefully.

Come to Houghton.
Come to Houghton.
Come to Houghton.
Come to Houghton.
Come to Houghton.
Come to Houghton.

Or Ann Arbor, Green Bay, or Chicago. And be sure that it's on the weekend!!

Now, when I snap my fingers you'll wake up and.... I dunno, think you're a chicken.

*snaps fingers*

Oh dear. Problem number one with this plan... Gary can't hear me snap my fingers over the internet.

YOU! Yes you, standing behind Gary! Snap your fingers before it's too late!!

And post a picture of him strutting around and clucking. That could be funny.

MattDel said...

If your travels bring you to Boston, I'll definitely be there.

I might even drive the 3 hours to NYC though if you're not coming into New England. It all depends on when it is (i.e. not during earnings season).

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

I've always wondered how to do that. Thanks for the info!

Gary Corby said...

I'm afraid I do very bad chickens Mimzy. I'm better at guinea pigs.

Alright guys, I'm going to post a Where's Gary just in case someone's close to where I'm about to be.

Stephanie Thornton said...

The race is on! (And I might not fight fair!)

Although I'm in Alaska so I think I should get some sort of handicap for the time difference.

So come to Alaska, Gary! It's uber-gorgeous in the summer. Winter too, but that's a different story.

Note to self: Must check out everyone else's blogs when not inundated by two-year-old or 125 hormonal high school students. :)

Gary Corby said...

I would *love* to come to Alaska Stephanie. The book tour itinerary is somewhat in the hands of the high priests of marketing, so I don't yet have much of a grip on where I'm likely to end up.

When the time gets closer I'm going to survey where everyone is and try to match locations to bookstores.

twinkle said...

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Vernz said...

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Vernz said...

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Gary Corby said...

You got it working Vernz.

Welcome to the blog!