Danielle and Gregory, and Monica

My wife and I do ice dancing for enjoyment and exercise. We're hopeless, but we have fun. Our coach is Monica McDonald. Monica competed in the 1988 Olympics and 7 World Championships, and is now a professional coach and international judge, but no doubt the highlight of her career has been teaching me to skate.

Monica also happens to coach the Australian champions: Danielle O'Brien and Gregory Merriman. One of their fans, completely unknown to them, has put together a montage of their performances set to music. Whoever did this has done an amazing job. Here it is.

Danielle by the way is excited at my book series and wants me to write a murder mystery on ice. She's suggested a couple of ways to kill a skater and I've told her if I ever write it, she'll be the victim.

Monica if anything is even more excited about my books than I am. She wants me to do an ice skating murder too but wants the body concealed underneath the rink ice, which would be tricky unless you sliced the body very thin. I like the idea, there's some great imagery, but I've no idea what the motive would be for such a bizarre disposal.


Mimzy said...

You could always have the body be in a pond that gets frozen over and used as an ice rink rather then a professional one. I don't know if you live in an area where this is common (or if it even gets that cold in Australia), but they're fairly common up here. When the ice freezes over all sorts of insane people come out of the woodwork to ice fish and do polar bear plunges. I've never skated in a rink, but I have done insane things running across the canal when it freezes. My friends and I wait until the snowmobiles start using it as a short-cut up and down the peninsula then we deem it safe enough to play and do really stupid stuff on.

Gary, you really know some of the coolest people. Are Danielle and Gregory going to be competing in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Gary Corby said...

Sydney has California-like weather, which is why there are now so many Eucalypts in the US. I've only ever skated on open ice once, and that was in Switzerland.

I like your pond idea Mimzy. It'll need a cold location though, such as, for example, Houghton.

Danielle and Gregory are ice skaters, so I guess they are rather, errr, cool. They're off to a competition at the moment which is an Olympic qualifier.

Mimzy said...

When I was twelve, my cousin and I visited my Aunt in California where we traveled all over the state together for nearly a month. (San Francisco and up are the best parts!) I remember being amazed that there was Eucalyptus growing there and convinced that there were koalas in the wild that I just couldn't find. It was a lot of fun for us and we helped remind my Aunt why she and her husband never wanted children!

Hey, if you do decide to ever set a mystery in the snow of the UP, tell me. I'll get you more pictures then you'll know what to do with. Plus, enough pasty recipes to add that extra ten pounds to your bones that you'll never be rid of! Basic rules for setting a story in Houghton: By the time February comes, everyone starts getting more then a little bit crazy and that the old people end every other sentence with 'eh' or 'hey.'

I hope Danielle and Gregory win their meet! I love watching all the ice skating and dancing competitions. I'd have to cheer them on over the Americans if they competed!

scaryazeri said...

Have you not seen this movie about male partners ice-skating? It is hilarious, you must watch it. If only I could remember the name! It is going to be killing me now, but I cant remember. will post it here when husband comes home and reminds me. :)) But what I mean is they are pretty competitive on that rink. Nasty things happen. that kind of stuff. :)

scaryazeri said...

Got it! Blades of Glory! Very funny. :)

Gary Corby said...

Well Mimzy there are now wild wallabies (related to kangaroos) in Scotland, so koalas in the US would be believable.

Hi Scary, yes, we've seen Blades of Glory. I think I can safely say I won't ever be doing that.