Book bag FAIL: that was a close call.

I am returned from a fan convention in Washington, a trip to my dear publisher Soho in New York, and a stock signing at the ever-friendly Mysterious Bookshop.  Many wonderful and exciting things happened in the last two weeks, but here I'll mention something that happened at the very end.  

I acquired a few books while I traveled, as you might imagine.  Here is the state of my book bag when I picked it off the carousel at Sydney airport.

If that last little piece of fabric had failed, all the books would have been scattered across three airports and two continents.


Sarita said...

Well, the folks that load luggage on to the planes are nicknamed 'baggage smashers'.

Gary Corby said...

Hi Sarita!

Yep. My guess is the bag got caught in a machine somewhere along the line.

It's a small miracle the books weren't hurt.