Gary's "best of" blog posts, appearing at Soho Press

A lot's been happening in the last few weeks.  The Marathon Conspiracy released, it's received a pile of very happy reviews, and I've returned from a trip to the US.

While in the US I was treated to the wonderful hospitality of my publisher, Soho Press.  In return I gave them some Vegemite.  This may seem a cruel exchange.

Here is me in the background, with Abby Koski, who is Publicist Extraordinaire at Soho, and Paul Oliver, Director of Marketing.

Abby snaffled the Vegemite afterwards, and she's still talking to me, so either she hasn't eaten it yet, or she actually likes the stuff.

As it happens, Soho runs their own, very active blog, which is rather unusual for a publisher.  It's not just book promotion; they run a series on how to write a publishable book (from Tim Hallinan) and all sorts of interesting stuff about publishing and language, such as Rachel Kowel's piece on translation.

So we agreed to put a "best of" collection from my blog on Soho's site.  I have 500+ blog posts written, I was amazed to discover when I checked.  Some of them have proven popular, often the ones I least expected.

Soho decided to kick it off with my article on the P.I.E family of languages.


Colin Smith said...

I'm rather partial to Marmite, which I understand is a little stronger tasting than Vegemite. Best eaten on bread with butter--the butter helps soften the sharp edges of that yeast taste.

Glad you had a good time in NY and were well cared for. :)

Gary Corby said...

That's what I tell all the Americans when I give them a sample (about the bread and butter).

Of course, one of those happy reviews I mentioned was yours, Colin. Thanks!

Stephanie Thornton said...

You better be careful passing around that Vegemite, Gary. Someone might think you're trying to kill people off!

Gary Corby said...

Heaven forbid.