The 50 Book Pledge

I thought I'd put in a plug for a lovely initiative called the 50 Book Pledge.  The idea is simple: read 50 books in the year and record them on your book page.

I know there are quite a few systems like this around.  Thanks very much to Sharlene for bringing this one to my attention.

If anyone's got a favourite similar reader pledge site that they want to mention, do please pop it in the comments.

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Amalia Dillin said...

I have just been doing the Goodreads challenge -- I tried keeping track on my own of the books I'd read once, and I just never remembered to update it, but Goodreads seems to work for me! That said, when I pledged/challenged myself to 50 books, I felt a lot of pressure to hit that number, and I'm not sure I care for that added unnecessary bit of stress. But it sure did feel good to cross the finish line, and see the status bar and my progress.