Gary is interviewed at Kittling Books

The very nice Cathy Cole interviewed me a few weeks ago for Kittling Books, and the result is now up for the interested reader, wherein I discuss, amongst other things, the dreadful crimes of Horace the Bear.

Cathy discovered my existence in an odd way.  She had a review copy of Sacred Games.  Decided not to read it because she was over ancient Greece.  Then decided for no obvious reason to read it anyway.  Then she contacted me, and I very happily have yet another online friend.

So thanks Cathy for deciding to read the book!


Anonymous said...

FWIW, Horace the Bear is a Kindle download for US99¢. I know, because I just downloaded it!

[Tried to post it on Cathy's blog but for some reason it wouldn't take. Maybe you'll have better luck, Gary.]

Gary Corby said...

Ah, thanks for letting me know, Anne.

Just tried to post to Cathy's web site and it worked okay for me. Maybe it requires a google account?

Cathy said...

Actually you should be able to leave a comment using a variety of accounts to log in with. The only thing you can't do is leave an anonymous one. (All the lovely spammers, don't you know?)

Thanks so much for being my guest this week, Gary. I've read all about Horace and it's even easier to picture that nun in tears of laughter now!