The Wedding

Something's happened that is long, long overdue.  Anneke Klein has finally written a book.

Anneke is an excellent writer, and as you can probably tell she's an excellent writer in Dutch, that being her native language.  De Bruiloft means The Wedding.

What's remarkable is that she also writes fiction in English, and critiques in her second language.  Anneke's been one of my beta readers since long before The Pericles Commission was a gleam in any editor's eye (which means she knows what happens in book 3).  She's so good at critiques that I've been prodding her for ages to take up manuscript assessment as a  paid job.

Fortunately Anneke ignored me and instead wrote The Wedding, and I couldn't be happier that she's in the print that her talent deserves.


scaryazeri said...

Wow, great news!! Well done anneke. I have not stopped by here for awhile, your blog is looking better and better, gary.

Bill Kirton said...

First. I echo Scary's comment about your blog, Gary. If ever there were a consummate, professional blogger, you're it.
Mainly, though I want to endorse unreservedly what you say about Anneke. Like you, I've been urging her to give more time to herself and her own writing and am really pleased that a publisher has recognised her quality. (I don't read Dutch, but her perceptive critiques of the work of others as well as her own pieces in English make it clear that she knows what good writing is.) What we need from her next is a novel in English. (No pressure, Anneke.)

Anneke said...

Thank you Scary! Hope everything is well with you and your family, and that you'll find the time to write as well.
Gary and Bill, you're both too kind. Thank you for your encouragement. I recommend writing in a foreign language. You learn a lot from it and it's fun.

Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

Yes, I would love to read her work in English.

Anneke said...

Thanks Vicky!
Unfortunately there aren't many translation options available in the anglo-saxon publication world. (compared to Germany and the Netherlands, for instance) But, as we say in the Netherlands: you never know how a cow catches a hare.

Anneke said...

Now, also available as ebook (ePub), at Borders: