Moderation temporarily turned on for comments

Spammers are currently assaulting my blog with a lot of comment spam.  I've deleted it all (I hope).  I'm sorry to say I must turn on comment moderation until these cretins go away.

I've noticed a significant surge in the last few months of comment spammers who are clearly real people rather than bots.  They write something that looks relevant to the post, in the hope that I won't notice them, and then include a link to their crappy, virus-ridden sink hole of a web site.  Since they're real people, none of the usual anti-spam systems block them.

I really, really, don't want to turn moderation on, because I know many people don't like it.  But alas I must; the only alternative is to turn off comments entirely.  Please bear with me and we'll see what happens.


Lexi said...

Have you tried not allowing anonymous comments? All my spam came from Anon. Now I don't get any.

Amalia T. said...

I find turning moderation on for comments on posts older than 3 days does the trick on my blog -- the spammers seem to go for older blog posts instead of the shiny new ones. Good luck fighting the good fight!

Ricky Bush said...

Yeah, I may have to resort to the same. Someone been spamming me with Reebok, Nikes, and lord knows what else lately. Never had trouble before, but they seem to have found me.

Gary Corby said...

Hi Lexi, the comment policy has been registered users only since time immemorial, and that kept out all the bots, like it does for you, but these recent attacks are by real human pests and they can easily create valid google accounts. I presume the spammers have hired a zillion Chinese who're doing this for about 10 cents an hour.

They do indeed mostly attack old posts, Amalia, I'll probably ease the policy as you suggest when the current tide is over.

I seem to have four groups of attackers, Ricky. One group is advertising US divorce lawyers (I guess Americans get divorced a lot), one is selling bedroom furniture, one is pointing to salacious sites even I blush to look at, and the third is pointing to booby-trapped web sites that attempt to take over your machine.

Geoff Granfield said...

You know what, I think you really need to read and learn more about SEO-search engine optimization. Not because you see some dubious links in your blog means that it is malicious and is meant to take advantage of your page. You need to have an understanding of what "PR" is all about and all the many google algorithms. It is there to be understood and most bloggers are using it to their advantage, mind you.