An odd job for central casting

Marshal Zeringue runs three rather interesting book blogs. He kindly asked me to contribute to all three last year, and he repeated the favour this year.

Here's the first: My Book, The Movie.  The premise being, if I was to make a movie of The Ionia Sanction, how would I cast it?   I didn't nominate all the characters -- there are too many to think about! -- but I did hit a few of the majors.


Sarah W said...

Orlando Bloom? Um, as long as that doesn't lead to Anne Hathaway playing Diotima, I guess I wouldn't mind. The costumes would be authentic, right?

But I'm all in favor of Helena Bonham Carter playing Mnesiptolema! Can Nathan Lane play her husband?

I imagine Barzanes as Luke Evans, or maybe Michael Wincott, but without the smirking (maybe a little).

How about casting Sir Derek Jacobi? He doesn't have to be Themistocles--maybe the gentleman who threw that marvelous dinner party? And I want Michael McShane to be the professional philosopher . . .

Sorry--I'll stop now.

Gary Corby said...

I had to look up your suggestions. I'm hopeless at actors.

Nathan Lane seems a good choice. He's got the right face for it.

Luke Evans might be okay if he can manage a black, sinister beard.

I'm afraid I can't forgive Sir Derek Jacobi for the disaster that was the TV series of Cadfael. Not that it's his fault really; but whoever cast that series should be shot.

Michael McShane would make an excellent mad philosopher!