Gary chats online with the Roman History Reading Group

Two days from now, as I write this, I'll be doing an online chat about The Pericles Commission with the Roman History Reading Group.  Yes, they know my books are ancient Greek, but they let me hang out with them anyway.

They meet in a Google chat room thingy, which is text only, no voice.

The chat starts at 9:30pm US EDT time, on November 16.  If I have my geography right, that's Wednesday, 9.30pm New York time.  Adjust accordingly for your part of the world.  It's actually just after lunch on Thursday Nov 17 for me, but that's because I'm ahead of my time, like most Australians.  The chat runs for an hour and a half and is likely to veer all over the place, but is nominally about my first book.

Anyone who's interested is very welcome to come chat!  If you're interested, the way to join is let the organizer Irene Hahn know, and she'll invite you into the chat room at the right time.  Irene's email address is Irene.B.Hahn AT gmail DOTTY com.  Or if you prefer, just let me know and I'll pass it on to her.

The Roman History Reading Group is a regular crew that like to talk guessed it, Roman history books, both ancient and modern, from Vergil to Vicky Alvear Shecter.

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