Book giveaway

Over at the Secret Archives of the Alliterati, our very own L.T. Host is giving away books in a simple contest.  The prizes were written by Cindy Pon, Gail Carriger, Karsten Knight and yours truly.  So that's YA, steampunk, and historical mysteries.


Nancy Kelley said...

I saw that--a truly eclectic prize bucket! Of course, I read all three genres so they must have something in common?

L. T. Host said...

Thanks for this shout-out Gary! You're the best :)

Since you blogged and tweeted, would you like me to enter you? :)

Gary Corby said...

That's nice of you, L.T., but probably a conflict of interest!

If you do stick in an entry for me and I win, please give the book to charity.