Interview with Donna Hole

I was interviewed by Donna Hole, and the result is up today on her blog.  Most of her questions were about the publishing experience.

I hope everyone's having fun over Christmas break!  I got a Formula 1 racing game.  I instantly turned off all the driver assists, to drive the cars as they actually are.  You wouldn't believe how many times I've spun out.


Sarah W said...

Your interviews are always so interesting---I like the point you made about writing being a home business.

But I think your books are the closest I'll ever come to reading Herodotus!

Gary Corby said...

Hi Sarah, it's true! It's no different to any other craft that could be a hobby or a job.

If you did, say, woodwork as a hobby, then it's all for fun. But if you're a cabinet maker, then you have a business to run. Authors need two heads: one for writing and one for everything else.

LQQ said...

Hi Gary,
Interesting interview РI am always interested in how authors work Рplot etc. I have the collections of Paris Reviews interviews collections which I re-read now and then. I also read your other interview where you said you have to go back and re-write sections when you get to the final dénouement. I have been writing a detective novel set in Paris 1930 and had to do the same thing when I got to the end Рthere was a big 'why didn't they leave the body...' I genuinely hadn't thought about that, but it didn't take too long to think of a reason and tie up. Have to begin the submission process now Рthat is a New Year task.
Hope you had a good Christmas and don't get too upset when England winning the ashes in Australia – and I mean the first part of that.

Gary Corby said...

Hey Seth,

Paris in the Thirties sounds very cool. Good choice.

Have you come across Cara Black's stories set in more-or-less modern Paris?

Yes, logic bugs beset mystery stories as much as they do system code. But with stories you don't get a compiler to help spot the sillier mistakes. I look forward to the day when I can run my novel through a checker and get errors like, "Invalid metaphor on line 12, page 32."

And yes, we're doomed in the cricket.

LQQ said...

No, not heard of Clara Black - just been on Amazon and will have to order a few. I have been reading French crime novels (translated) and Fred Vargas - not to mention piles of history books (which I love reading anyway)

I like the idea of the compiler although the grammar check in Word is a mixed blessing. I have given up on Open office - as you said the word count is way out.
You have to lose no and then to enjoy the victories.

Jemi Fraser said...

I enjoyed the interview! ANd the game sounds fun :)

Meghan said...

Great interview. I didn't realize how much work goes into being an author after you're published! Good thing to know. Merry Christmas, btw. What's the name of the game? Is it GT5 by any chance?