Casting the (nonexistent) movie

I was asked by Marshal Zeringue, how I would cast The Pericles Commission if it were made into a movie. I was allowed to pick any actors I liked throughout time. I took him up on that offer.

My partial cast for The Pericles Commission is on his blog: My Book, The Movie.

It will make more sense if you've read the book. If you have, I'd be fascinated to know your own cast list.

SPOILER ALERT: Discussion of casting inevitably runs the risk of spoilers, if only because it requires listing characters and their relationships. People sensitive to spoilers who haven't read the book yet should not read the comments to this post!

(...and to those making comments, please be sensitive to the problem. Thanks!)


Peter Cooper said...

That's funny you knew Ian because I knew Ralph, one of the other brothers, when he lived here in Adelaide in the early 90's. What a small world it must be.

I haven't read the book yet, but I'll be really interested to read this cast list after I do.

Gary Corby said...

The Jackmans are a very talented family. Ian went on to become a Rhodes Scholar. These days he's an ultra high end barrister. (That's barrister, not barrista).

Sarah W said...

Remember, you asked for this!

I think Nico could be played by Matthew Bomer. I think he’s got the intensity, the right touch of humor, and heaven knows he’s good-looking enough.

For Diotima, I think Emma Watson---or someone else with that poise and stubborn chin. She might be a bit young, but I think she could do it.

Nothing against Hugh Jackman, but I think I’d like Russell Crowe for Pericles---I think he’s too ungrizzled for my personal vision of Pythax, but Pericles, according to a certain mystery I recently read, was a good physical specimen.

Hugh Jackman would be excellent as Ephialtes’ heir, whose name escapes me because my copy of the Pericles commission is in my mother-in-law’s bedroom and it’s way too early to barge in looking for it.

I’d love to see Sir Derek Jacobi as Pericles’ father, whose name also escapes me.

Pythax is difficult, since he’s one of my favorite characters and I can see him so clearly in my mind. I said grizzled, with that touch of tough guy vulnerability to anything other than tough guy stuff. Gerard Butler maybe---he's got that beaten-up-but-still-fighting look. And we already know he gives good Spartan.

Euterpe . . . whew. No idea. You’d need a stunning actress of a certain luminous age who has the right comedic timing (exasperating but not too hammy) and steel core . . . and Mae West is no longer with us. Shirley MacLaine, while still luminous, just doesn’t match Gerard Butler’s certain age.

And I’ve now written a comment that is far longer than your post and your own answer to Mr. Zeringue. Sorry if this is too much! :)

Gary Corby said...

Wow Sarah, that's just amazing!

If they ever sell the movie rights, I'm recommending you to work in the casting department.

Could Jackman really get away with playing the father of Crowe?

I wouldn't mind getting Kenneth Branagh in there somewhere too.

Sarah W said...

I'd love that job!

I actually had Sir Derek Jacobi as Crowe's father, which I think would work . . .

Hugh Jackman would be the heir of the murder victim and Nico's rival for Diotima's hand.

I can so see Branagh as---I really need my copy in front of me---Pericles' political rival. Or he could direct.

This is fun. XD

Loretta Ross said...

For Euterpe, who was the actress who played Milady Dewinter in the late '90s version of The Three Musketeers? The version that had Tim Curry as Richlieu. But with black hair, obviously.

It still makes me crazy that Sir Hugh, in the film versions of the Cadfael books, had blond hair. I mean, the actor was excellent, but they couldn't dye his hair?

Gary Corby said...

I remember her! She'd probably be a good choice.

There are probably some former Bond girls who could do the job too.