Why the clocks?

Anthony asked why I have dodgy-looking clocks on my blog.

Much as I love living where I am, being on the other side of the planet to so many of my friends can be a pain. Many of the people I chat to are between NY-4 hours (West Coast US) and NY+5 hours (Netherlands).

Even if no one else uses them, the clocks give me a clue who's awake and who's asleep among my US and Euro friends.

Except for Janet, she lives on Sydney time.


Janet Reid said...

I too have several clocks, widgets, that tell me what time it is in various far flung places. At one point last year I had clients in nine time zones! Thank God for email so I don't have to answer the phone at 9am or miss talking to everyone in Britain!

Anonymous said...

You need to add a friend in Newfoundland, Canada. Four and a half hours difference from me.

Gary Corby said...

Thanks for the recommendation, uppington. I found Trudy and am now following her on twitter. Very cool looking book too.