New Blog Template

I have removed my highly customised blogger template, which I wrote myself, and replaced it with a standard one, because the time cost of maintaining my own had become too high. Also, it was preventing me from using features blogger had introduced.

There is now a follower list down the right hand side, which is forlorn and lonely because no one is on it.

I'm going to customize the new look over time and add other things I've always wished I had, such as a links to friends section.

I hope this is the last major fiddle of the blog until the cover of the first book is done, at which point I'll probably change the look of the site to match the cover.


Anthony said...

I find it really funny you have a "Sydney" and a "New York" clock on your blog, like they are remainders or something.

Travis Erwin said...

I'm proud to add myself as a follower.

Gary Corby said...

Thanks guys, now I'm not so lonely.

Deb Vlock said...

I followed you, too! (Word verification: quidnerp!)