So simple even a child can read it.

Scroll down this page and on the left you will see a new thingy that rates the reader level required for your blog. My blog evaluates as...elementary school.

OMG, am I really that simple?

Of course there's no telling how accurate this toy is, so to test it, I tried some other sites to get a comparison. genius genius elementary school

That last is Thomas The Tank Engine's official site.

It's not much of a test, but it's more or less in line with what you'd expect, so maybe I'm a simpleton after all.


kathulhu said...

Don't feel so bad, I got the same rating. Although your writing about something a little more scholarly than I am. So I guess you should feel bad ;)

legalpoetamaka said...

i feel so out of ths world hearing you speak and it is really cool. you know you sound really intelligent and well read.