A lovely review of Death Ex Machina

The American Library Association has a magazine and a web site where they post reviews of books.

This review of Death Ex Machina just came online, and it is rather nice for the book's author to read!

Corby is adept at delineating ancient Greece without sounding professorial. Having Nicolaos as a first-person narrator helps; he’s the ideal tour guide to the theater and the city around it. The characters are a mix of fictional and actual, with the latter including Pericles, Aeschylus, Sophocles, and the child Socrates, who drives everyone crazy with his questions. 

This works on every level.


Janet Guess said...

Just finished Death Ex Machina - it is a wonderful read - I always enjoy Nico's adventures but this one is extra special - I laughed and had fun with all the historical data too - looking forward to Nico & Diotima's next mystery in Egypt - when will it be published?

Gary Corby said...

Thank you, Janet!

I've only just finished writing the next book. In fact I wrote THE END on the same day that Death Ex Machina released. I don't know a pub date, but we're running a book-a-year cycle so my guess is early next year. I'll post news as it comes to hand.