Sacred Games for $1.99 on Nook

Barnes & Noble has price-matched the Amazon offer for Sacred Games.  So if you're a Nook reader then don't feel left out!

You can get Sacred Games for $1.99 here.


PT said...

Q: how much you will earn from these deals?

Have the publisherer covered their a** with subclause n^2 saying "we will do whatever "special prise for readers" -deals we want to and those deals gives author no royalties. Actually, we'll deduce our loss from what we have been considering of sending to his agent".

Or has Ms Shark negotitaed so strong deal that you won't miss a AUD/USD/EUR cent?


Gary Corby said...

Prices like these are unsustainably low for everyone (it's a big percentage cut across the board).

The retailer, the publisher and your humble author would all go bankrupt if we did this every day.

So it really is a "hurry now while stocks last" situation!