...mixes fact and fiction into a fine froth of a meal

The San Jose Mercury News has printed a mini-review of The Marathon Conspiracy, along with three other good books.  I particularly liked the reviewers fun phrase "...mixes fact and fiction into a fine froth of a meal."

Here's the complete set of reviews.  I think I'll be reading those other books.


Unknown said...

I'm trying to determine the reading level for these books. I teach 6th grade literature and am diligently searching for something set in Ancient Greece! Help please!

Gary Corby said...

Hi Peggy, the Athenian Mystery series is for adults.

I'd be very comfortable with young adults reading them. In fact the language is far more tame than you find in the average YA these days, but the concepts are definitely not for small children.

May I suggest you check out the generally excellent Usborne Children's Books? Here's a link to their Ancient Greece collection:


Also, I know it's not a book, and the kids will think the movie's ancient history itself, but if you can find a copy the old 1963 movie Jason And The Argonauts is a must-see. (Especially the skeleton fight).

Here's the trailer:


Unknown said...

Thanks so much Gary! I've decided to go with the Bronze Bow. I appreciate your response! I plan to read your books for myself!