500,000 hits

This blog has passed half a million hits.

When I started it, I thought one or two, or perhaps as many as five people might be interested in odd facts about the ancient world.  It turns out there are slightly more of us than I thought.

Thanks for reading!


DLM said...

I'm a somewhat new kid on this block, only a couple months, but I enjoy your blog!

Gary Corby said...

And all the more welcome for it, DLM. Especially since if your web site is anything to go by, then you really know your mediaeval history.

Geoff Carter said...

That's 67,717 more than me, and you have made money off the back of it - Congratulations, and may the Gods bless the Ancient Mystery genre and all other related commercial spin offs of the archaeological knowledge economy for ever.

Gary Corby said...

That's a very respectable figure itself, Geoff.

Thanks for the good wishes, and you just made me wonder, is there a God of Archaeology?

DLM said...

Oh my *blush* - thank you so much! I know how to make it sound good, and that's the job of a novelist, right? :)

As to stats, apart from apparently you, I seem to be blogging for Turkish and Russian bots these days.

Gary Corby said...

Oh Dear Gods, those bots. I have a terrible time filtering them out of the stats.

Much as I like blogger for its simplicity, I'm much tempted to move the entire site to somewhere that lets me block entire countries, in which case Russia, Ukraine and China will be goners.