So now I'm listed in a book of quotations

Here’s an odd thing.  I am now listed in a book of quotations.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Tweet: Five Hundred 1st Lines in 140 Characters or Less is a compilation of opening lines of various novels.  

The opening line of The Pericles Commission is included. She’s also used it as one of three samples in her book description.  (along with John Scalzi and John Miller; I am in good company).

What's the line?  Well, if you read this blog, then you've already seen it once or twice.  The first line of my first book was

"A dead man fell from the sky, landing at my feet with a thud."

When I created the blog, I was stuck for a title.  I used the opening phrase, intending to change it later.  I did change it later.  But people said that they preferred the dead man, so I put him back.  And that's why this blog has such a funny name.


Moirae Thefates said...

Honestly, that is one of my favorite opening lines ever. It's tied with the book Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry . (Published by Simon and Schuster 2010) That one is "Benny Imura couldn't hold a job so he took to killing."

Gary Corby said...

Thanks, Moirae.

Benny sounds like he could be a mystery writer.

(Alright, I admit to liking Jonathon Maberry's fave is probably Patient Zero).