The (fictional) distribution of death

Here's a fun idea.  My publisher Soho has put a map on their web site showing the location each of their authors uses in their books.  The map's on the front page of their crime imprint.  It doesn't locate the author, it locates the books.

So it's effectively a scene of the crime map!

What's interesting is the distribution of death across the globe.  There are some clear inferences:

If you're worried about being slaughtered by a Soho author, you should avoid traveling to Europe.  The whole place is just a hotbed of crosses on the map.

China and East Asia in general is another good place to avoid.

You'll be perfectly safe in Russia.  Also most African states, the Ukraine, New Zealand and Mongolia.

There's no point trying to hide in the South Pacific.  Someone died in the Solomon Islands.

Australia has a surprisingly high murder rate for the population.  (Don't blame me!  I contributed to the European body count.)

America has a remarkably low murder rate.  The Euro-to-US ratio is the complete opposite of reality.  I wonder why?

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