Cool dudes of statuary

I wouldn't normally place anyone's advertising on this blog, but I can't resist this lot.  Traid is a UK clothing charity that recycles old clothes.  They recently issued some advertising in which French artist Leo Caillard placed recycled clothing on some even older statues.  This is the result:

I've left the pictures at original size because that's how they look best.  I realize they won't fit neatly on everyone's screen.  If you click on each picture your browser will probably give you a good full image.

The last guy looks like someone I used to work with.

I would love for the artist to get together with the people who did the colours of ancient Greece.


annebingham said...

Good choice for the dude in the blue denim shirt that's unbuttoned practically to the hole in his side. From what I hear he really was a blue-collar type.

Gary Corby said...

Hi Anne!

Yes, I had a similar thought. It suits him.

And I can totally see Aphrodite wearing a Nike t-shirt.