Casting Sacred Games

Third in Marshal's book blogs is My Book, The Movie, in which authors have a go at casting actors for their characters (without the inconvenience of needing the actors to agree...).

It's surprising how difficult this can be!  Each time I have a go at it, I come up with a different answer.  It's not so much that the characters have changed, but that perception of the actors changes over even a few years.  Though looking back on it, I find I've cast Russell Crowe for Pythax in The Pericles Commission, and then used him for King Pleistarchus in Sacred Games.

For Diotima I had Rachel Weisz in The Pericles Commission, my wife Helen as Diotima in The Ionia Sanction, and now with Sacred Games I think I might have hit on the perfect Diotima.  I'm rather pleased with my idea for Nico too.


Colin Smith said...

Interesting that the people you cast are, for the most part, older than the characters in the book (at least as I recall, Nico and Diotima are in their early 20s..?). Although I think your casting for Gorgo is spot-on, both in age and character. Interesting and fun! :)

Gary Corby said...

Few could eclipse me for ignorance of famous actors, so they have to have been around a long time for me to have ever heard of them at all.

Despite which you might be astounded to hear that not only do I have a Bacon Number, but it's the low, low value of 3.

How is this possible? Hugo Weaving was a few years ahead of me at school. By sheer coincidence Weaving and I and a few hundred others were onstage together in school musicals. Weaving, who's been in The Matrix, V for Vendetta, Cloud Atlas, Lord of the Rings, and a trillion other great films has a Bacon Number of 2. Therefore I am 3!