Erasure Poem, by Kitty

This idea is too cool.  Over at a certain sharkly agent's web site, a reader named Kitty posted in comments a poem based on The Pericles Commission.

I was astounded (and flattered).  Here, with her permission, is The Pericles Commission, the Erasure Poem version, by Kitty:

A dead man at my feet 
lay facedown in the dirt 
shot through the heart. 
The body was warm to my touch 
his wound, slippery and wet 
I heard the footsteps of someone coming 
perhaps the killer 
I stepped backward to take cover

How did she create this?  Here's the first page of The Pericles Commission, with a few erasures:


Kitty said...

WOO-HOO! I'm famous :) Thanks!

Gary Corby said...

It's a work of art, Kitty.

RWMG said...

Every book should have a poem based on the first page as part of the blurb.

Janet Reid said...


Wendy said...

This is fun! You might also like "The Humument" which is similar in spirit, but is more about the visuals than the writing (in my opinion) but cool anyway:

The Humument