A merry time at Merrylands

Poppy the Possum and friends
Reading is alive and well in Merrylands.  I know this because they invited me to speak there, last Friday, on the occasion of their library's 21st birthday.  It's a week-long celebration and I was privileged to be first off the rank.

The staff at Merrylands are loads of fun.  The picture on the left is me with Poppy the Possum, who encourages kids to read, ably assisted by Kirsty in the middle.  Kirsty's husband is a very clever man because (a) he married Kirsty; (b) he's an expert on ancient history; and (c) he asked tough and fun questions during my talk.

The next two pictures are me pontificating, which I'm rather good at.  I went over time by about 20 minutes and never even noticed.  Frankly, I was having too much fun.

I was also seriously well-matched by the audience.  Early on I was talking about Ephesus, which if you've read The Ionia Sanction you'll know is a city that figures prominently.

It turned out a lady in the audience had walked the place and knew exactly each spot I described.  Then when someone asked me how you get there, I explained the closest location was a Turkish town called Izmir.  Another lady in the middle rows puts up her hand.  She says, "I'm from Izmir."

Piles of brilliant questions from the audience, and they entertained me as much as I, them!

Gary pontificates some more
Gary pontificates

Gary eventually stops talking and signs books


Colin Smith said...

There are few things more interesting than listening to someone pontificate on a subject about which they are passionate. I would have loved to have heard you, Gary. I'll be looking out for your US dates. :)

Gary Corby said...

Hi Colin, the plan is a US trip next year, around the time of Bouchercon, which is a huge fan conference. That's the sum total of my organisation at this point! I'll post as things happen.

Stephanie Thornton said...

One day you'll have to come to Alaska to pontificate!

I'm headed back to Ephesus here soon, but I think we're going to hit some of the lesser visited sites. I'm really starting to think I need a summer home in Turkey. And another in Egypt. Rome would be nice too.

Gary Corby said...

A holiday home somewhere around Bodrum on the Turkish coast would be good if you can manage it. If you buy the place, I'll come visit!

Would love to pontificate in Alaska...