Buy 1, get the other free

Borders Australia is doing a promotion.  If you buy The Ionia Sanction, they'll send you The Pericles Commission to go with it.  Here's the promo, from their latest mailout:

I've linked the image to their promo page, if anyone's interested (you then have to click on the tab that says "A Hellenic Mystery").  By my rough calculation, that deal comes to 1/100 th of a cent per word.  I'll be a millionaire in no time.

I found out about this when my sister forwarded the email to me!  Something that non-writers normal people don't necessarily realize is the degree to which the author loses sight of a book once it reaches the stores.  It's a bit like not knowing if the light goes out when you shut the fridge door.  Things like this are a lovely reminder that there really is a machine in place getting books to people!


Leonie Corby said...

"The author loses sight of a book" - it doesn't sound like you're losing sight of your books, given Catriona and Megan try to stop you looking for it on bookshop shelves!

Gary Corby said...

Yes, but that's the difference between rational tracking, and compulsive-obsessive behaviour.

Leonie Corby said...