Is Zahi Hawass actually Imhotep in disguise?

If you've been following the incredible mess that is Egyptian archaeology, or administration thereof at least, then you'll know that a chap by the name of Zahi Hawass is a hugely controversial figure.  He's been the minister for Egyptian antiquities since Pharaoh was a boy, as the saying goes, during which he proved himself a PR & marketing machine of unparalleled ability.  Also, he knew a little bit about archaeology.

Hawass was sacked from the job when Mubarak fell, partly because he was a personal friend of the former dictator, but mostly because there was a certain amount of looting.

Then he got reinstated by the new government.

Then he got sacked again when everyone complained.

Then everyone whined about his replacement.

And now reports say Hawass is back.  Again.

There was a really fun movie called The Mummy, made in 1999, in which an evil vizier from ancient times by the name of Imhotep keeps coming back to life.  Someone suggested on twitter, when he returned the first time, that Hawass might in fact be Imhotep; as a theory, it would explain everything.  I'm starting to think it's true.


David J. West said...

I second that motion, its as likely as anything.

And to think I was actually behind in the latest sacking.

Steph Schmidt said...

You never see Hawass without his hat on in documentaries, maybe it's to disguise himself. Or that's the secret to getting rid of him, steal the hat and be rid of the locust Hawass.

Gary Corby said...

That's a good point. The hat is probably the source of his magic powers.