Behind every great book there's a great editor

Behind every great book there's a great editor. Here she is:

Kathleen Conn holds the first galley of The Ionia Sanction.

The galley is a test print run, an uncorrected proof, of a mere handful of copies, to get the bugs out of the text and the formatting.

You might have heard of something else called an ARC. An ARC is an Advance Reader Copy: an early print run to go out to reviewers and suchlike. An ARC may or may not also be a galley. Apparently they used to be quite separate things but the distinction's become blurred.

Thanks Kathleen for putting up with this author!


Peter Cooper said...

Hmm. I'm sure I've seen that face somewhere before.

Gary Corby said...

I deeply admire Kathleen's ability to cope with some of the minutely detailed emails I send. At the moment the poor lady has 3 pages from me on where to put line breaks in the chapter openings. Not that I'm obsessional or anything.

Trisha Leigh said...

I cannot cannot cannot wait. You've got a great team on your side, Gary!

Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

Very exciting. And I totally feel ya on the "obsessiveness" over certain details. But that's why your stories stand out!

Robert Clear said...

An intriguing disguise. All it needs is a couple of eye-holes and you'll have a rather snazzy (and very 21st century) interpretation of a Venetian ball mask!

Congratulations on the proof! Best of luck with the editing.


Gary Corby said...

Thanks Trisha, I can't wait either!

Vicky, yes, getting the details right matters a lot, especially when no matter how hard I try, I know something wrong will creep though. I haven't been caught out yet, but it's only a matter of time.

Robert, I suspect editors are shy by nature. And welcome to the blog!

blues buffett said...

Great news Gary - really enjoyed the first Nicolaos novel; looking forward to the second! It's also terrific that you're a local author!
cheers, Ray

Gary Corby said...

Thanks Ray, and I am indeed somewhat local!

Welcome to the blog. If I don't mistake, this is the first time you've commented.

blues buffett said...

Gary, you're not mistaken - I just discovered it after I finished reading the novel. Looking forward to seeing #2 availability updates!