Books do get around

While in Port Macquarie on holiday, we wandered into a book cafe: a secondhand book store that also sold coffee. Since we're a family of readers, places like this always get a look. One of the shelves was this one:

And on the shelf was this book, Brush With Death, by Hailey Lind:

I was instantly amazed, because I happen to know half of Hailey Lind. Hailey Lind is actually two sisters, Carolyn on the left, and Julie on the right:

Julie was one of the very first authors I ever met, at Bouchercon in Indianapolis. These days she's also writing the very fun witchcraft mystery series as Juliet Blackwell. (Julie seems to have more aliases than your average crook.)

I'm pretty sure the Hailey Lind books were never sold in Australia. Someone has bought this book in the US, carried it to Australia, and left it at a random book store in a resort town in New South Wales, to be found by me, who knows the author. Needless to say I bought it, so the book now resides in Sydney. No royalties for a second hand book, I'm afraid, so I owe Julie a coffee next time I see her.


Tana Adams said...

Just like finding an old friend! I love authors and books I'm familiar with.

Alli Sinclair said...

That is such a great story! I'm sure Julie won't mind not getting a royalty on this one when she knows the book is in good hands.

Gary Corby said...

Julie knows! She's read the blog and we had a short chat about it over twitter.

Apparently this is the second time one of her books has randomly turned up in a second hand store in Australia. The first time, the person who bought it wrote to her to say that afterwards he ordered her entire set.

Janet Reid said...

I am happy to pay in your stead should Julie turn up at Left Coast Crime or Bouchercon this year!

Gary Corby said...

You are the bestest of agents!