A book giveaway to celebrate the Oz release of The Pericles Commission

The Australian edition of The Pericles Commission has gone on sale!

To celebrate, we're giving away some free copies. But you don't have to be in Australia to get one.  We're sharing the love.

2 copies will be sent to Australian readers
1 copy will go to a New Zealand reader
1 copy to a US reader
1 copy to a UK reader
1 copy to a Canadian reader
1 copy to a South African reader

The copy you receive, no matter where you are in the world, will be the edition with the Australian cover.

To win a copy, you must comment on this post and either be, or else join, the followers of this blog. You score an extra entry for tweeting about the contest, for posting about it on facebook, for mentioning it on your own blog etc. The more you pass word around about the book and the contest, the more entries you have in the competition. Winners will be selected using a random number generator, with one draw per country (and two for the Aussies).

1 entry for being a blog follower
+1 Twitter about this contest
+1 Facebook about this contest
+1 Goodreads mark the book as to-read (or read!)
+3 Blog about this contest

+1,000,000 get Oprah to recommend it.

The contest will run to the 15th January. Blog contests tend to peak quickly, but there are lots of people on hols in the antipodes at the moment, so if entries are still coming in I'll extend it by an extra week.

Please total your point score in the comments below. Put your email address in your comment or else email it to me, so I can contact winners, and please tell me your country!

Penguin is very kindly picking up the postage for the southern hemisphere countries, and St Martin's generously offered  to post out Penguin's edition in the north.  Thank you both!  Since I'm not paying for it, it would be very cool if we could have some entries from totally inaccessible places such as the Flinders Ranges, Death Valley, or an Antarctic base.


Carrie said...

It's showing a Retweet, so not sure if it works. I'm a follower since the dawn of Gary's career.



So that's a few points, eh?
1+1+1+1 = 4 I think. >.>

Take care Gary.

Gary Corby said...

Got it. Thanks. You're quick off the mark, Carrie!

Bron said...

Well I'm a blog follower, so I think that nets me one point? I'm in Brisbane, not very inaccessible, but if I win, I'm happy for my copy to be posted via Antarctica :-)

Also, do you know if the Pericles Commission will be available as an e-book for Australian readers? I tried to download it when it came out in the US, and was blocked, then tried again on the Australian release date (couldn't get to a p-bookstore) and was still blocked.

LQQ said...

Did somebody say free books?

I have retweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/lqqinSpace. (1)

And blogged: http://lqqreading.wordpress.com/2011/01/07/the-pericles-competition/ (3)

I am a follower too. (1)

5 points for me – in the UK district.

I see there is a reference to Lynsey Davies on this cover. The book does have a Falco feel – in the same way Phillip Marlowe has a Sam Spade feel.

Taymalin said...

http://twitter.com/taymalin for the retweet.

I have no way to prove I put it on facebook unless you friend me, for privacy reasons, but I'll put it on there anyway.

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/4768381

A blog post: http://lookinggoodtay.blogspot.com/2011/01/gary-corby-is-having-contest.html

And I am a follower, so I guess that's 6 for me, 7 if I could figure out how to prove the facebook.

Oh, and I'm Canadian :)

writtenwyrdd said...

Good luck on the Oz release, Gary! I have too many books in the TBR pile to add more, so you don't need to include me in the contest. But I do enjoy your informational and historical posts quite a bit, although I rarely comment.

L. T. Host said...

YAY for the Aussie version! You know I'm in :)

I'm a follower, and I tweeted, though I unfortunately can't figure out how to link to a tweet on the new Twitter. Blast. Let me know if you need more proof and I'll link a screen shot or something.

So that's 2 entries? I may be back with more...

and wickedmoon921 at gmail dot com.

Amalia T. said...

I'm a follower, and I tweeted! (Thanks LT-- I saw your tweet and came right over!)


I think that means 2 entries?


David J. West said...

You know I think I like the Oz cover even better (fingers crossed and a coin in the drink to Charon) I'll go RT this now.

Alli Sinclair said...

I've tweeted - http://twitter.com/#!/allisinclair

Am a follower

and Facebooked: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/alli.sinclair (twice--last week I linked to the Penguin website about your book)

Have added it to Good Reads:

Oprah's phone line was busy. Sorry. I'll try again later.

Guess that's 4 (unless Oprah gets my message) and I'm in Oz.

Yay for your Oz release!

Donald Coward said...

Yay for the inclusion of a Canadian winner! :-)

Kerrie said...

Hello Gary

I'm in Adelaide, South Australia

I've added it to our Friend Feed room at http://friendfeed.com/crime-and-mystery-fiction

I've tweeted about it at http://twitter.com/#!/smiksa

I've added it to my blog News & Headlines at http://paradise-mysteries.blogspot.com/

Added it to my TBRN block on my blog

It will feature in my Sunday salon blog post tomorrow.

I already follow your blog in my RSS reader (which is how I found this post)

I have now joined your followers' camp

I will eventually review the book on my blog.

If I win a copy I will eventually pass it on as a giveaway on my blog.

Not sure how many points that adds up to :-)

Kerrie kasmith9 at esc.net.au

Bernadette in Australia said...

I've been waiting quite a while to be able to buy an eBook version of this one (being a non Kindle owner I didn't have access to that one). Now that I see it is in Borders I'll just go ahead and use my Christmas gift voucher before the damned store goes bust. But thanks for the giveaways anyway, always nice to see giveaways available outside the US

Mickey said...

Recent follower- 1 point
Btw I love your posts- especially the history related ones- very informative and interesting!
I can't wait to read the Pericles Commission too!
I've told some of my friends about the Pericles Commission (esp. since we just finished learning about the Golden Age of Pericles), but I don't think that counts as a point?

Gary Corby said...

Hey Don! How's things? I know Canada's only a cold version of Australia, but I feel bad about you guys disappearing in contests, so I was careful to make sure you got your own copy. (To explain to the other readers, Don and I used to work together when he was an honorary Australian. Don't play chess against him; he's master strength.)

Mickey, telling your friends is totally worth a point. Glad you like the history posts. You'll see more of them in the next few months as I rotate back into book research.

Bernadette, yes, I tried to make sure the whole English speaking world got a go. Borders Adelaide should have some copies. For some reason I've quite a few blog followers in Adelaide. The next time I'm that way we should all have lunch or some such.

Kerrie, I think that might be 11 points!

Seth, at this stage you're the only UK entry. No one yet from New Zealand or South Africa.

T Lockyer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
T Lockyer said...

Deleted previous comment due to error.

But I'll be your first South African entry. I'm following you on Blogger (+1), I've tweeted (+1) at


linked you on Facebook (+1) at (friends only, I'm afraid)


and put a note on my Posterous (+3) at


I've also, BTW, mentioned this competition on the Classics-L, were a few people have an interest in novels on classical subjects. The post should be accessible at


I think that makes 6 points. Don't use GoodReads.

gautami tripathy said...

Well, I am from India. So I am not eligible to enter.

Hence my points add upto: ZERO!!


C. N. Nevets said...

Well, I'm a follower (1), I tweeted (+1), and I blogged (+3), for a total of 5.



Gary Corby said...

Gautami, I should have thought of that. If you'd like to be in the running, I'll distribute Indian entries into one of the less populated categories. I think you might be only the second person in India to comment on this blog in 2 years! If more Indian entires come in I'll see if I can snaffle another copy, so let your friends know. :-)

janimar said...

1 point: Goodreads

1 point: twitter at FreeMari

Check out giveaway of new Gary Corby book The Pericles Commission http://bit.ly/hQHyGy

Country: US

Sean said...

Ok you twisted my arm.

Follower ...check
Blogged it ...Check

Total 7

Oh and Oprah's not picking up for some reason

Sean said...

oh and sbwright at gmail.com

Prentiss Garner said...

Since I do not blog or tweet or do facebook, I get one entry. I hope it's a lucky one.


caryn said...

Hi, I don't tweet and I closed my good reads account becuse I was spending too much time fiddling around on the computer instead of reading. I have FB, but don't know how to repost this so...I just put the book on reserve at the library figuring I was never going to win. I'm glad you had the contest though because I had not heard of the book and I am a big fan of Lindsey Davis so this looks right up my alley.
Caryn (stclairck@gmail.com) US(I will sign up to follow the blog though so that gets me a point? 2 Points?)

Cea said...

Historical fiction, oh yes! I'll follow, blog, tweet and FB later because I'm on my office computer right now and it is so slow and old I'm surprised I can actually do this. (Well, we'll see, I haven't hit send yet.)

Jody said...

Put on FB; added blog to RS feeds.


Kulsuma said...

Hello, thank you for the awesome contest!:) I'd love to read The Pericles Commission.

+1 blog follower
+1 added it as 'to read' on goodreads
+________I'm going to phone Oprah tomorrow hehe.
UK entrant=)

Christina Auret said...

Funny you should mention Antarctica... I'm not there, but a friend of mine would have been there this week if they had not decided to decrease the scientific crew so they can add space for more diplomats.

Yes, having diplomats in Antarctica is considered more useful than having engineers. It's a pity, cause he would definitely have entered just to make you happy.

Well, now you have a South African entry. It's not Antarctica, but it's something, right?

Gary Corby said...

And very welcome you are, Christina, even if you're not in Antarctica.

Wow, so many entries! I'm flattered. The hour of decision approaches. Three days to go.

Susan said...

OK, mentioned it on Twitter @SuSmithJosephy and on my blog:


And I'm a blog follower.
Oprah hasn't got back to me yet, but I'm sure by the end of the day she will... for reals.

I'm in Canada, it's been snowing for two days, and my book is due at publisher on Feb 1, so please take pity and let me win your book.
Er, that's gotta be worth about 8 or 9 points, right?

Joking aside, your book sounds terrific, I'll buy it if I don't win it.

Nate Wilson said...

Since I've been itching to read your book -- and because the only thing I've ever gotten from Australia was a rubber chicken whose legs fell off last month at the tender age of 11 -- I'd love to win the Australian edition of The Pericles Commission.

Alas, I just get the one entry. Nevertheless, way to spread the love!

(For reference, I'm in the US and my email's easy to find off my blog or Blogger profile.)

Gary Corby said...

Eleven is a ripe old age for a rubber chicken!

Ripe indeed.

catherinehaines said...

Well, you have a Kiwi entrant now!

I have tweeted: http://twitter.com/CatherineHaines/statuses/26208582781370368

I follow you on RSS (is that okay?)

And I have listed the book as to read: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/140917738

That should come to three entries. :)

Laurie Lamb said...

Oh Darn, I forgot about the time difference. I'm in Canada. In case you're extending the contest like mentioned:

+1 Blog follower
+1 Retweeted your contest
+1 Goodreads marked to-read

= 3

I love the cover. It's beautiful.

Gary Corby said...

I should have been more specific on the time. My fault! I'll keep the contest open until the 15th has finished everywhere in the world. Only a few hours left then!

Donna Hole said...

Well, its still the 15th here in Norther California - but I kinda forgot to post and all when I saw this earlier.

No biggie; this is on my list to purchase. I just wanted to wish you good luck with the contest, and the book sales.


Kerrie said...

Gary, my review is here
Well done - a very good read

Gary Corby said...

Thanks Kerrie! I'll give that its own post too.

Any moment now I'll announce the contest winners...

Sean said...

I'll just roll out the swag then :)