The weird world of book marketing

Vicki Leon interviews Steven Saylor, Vicky Alvear Shecter, Ruth Downie, Adrienne Mayor, Caroline Lawrence,, on the fun and games of marketing your book.

Vicki Leon is the author of Working IX to V, and How to Mellify A Corpse.  Both very funny non-fiction guides to the ancient world!

It struck me how many authors' worst moments involve large rooms without people.


Sarah W said...

Nice interview!

I noticed that the answer to the Kurdish vocabulary question didn't appear---was there an answer, or did you just smile enigmatically and move on? :)

Bill Kirton said...

I loved the Turkish guy's question but I really need to know why he chose you for that sort of enlightenment.

Gary Corby said...

Okay, a post on the orgasm question is now scheduled!