Gary travels home: be back online in a few days

There's a lot to catch up on -- the event at Aunt Agatha's in Ann Arbor, the event last night at Centuries and Sleuths, Gary's plan to save America with fast trains -- but the last few days have been too hectic for a proper blog post, and in the next hour I leave the US for another year.  So it'll all have to wait until I get home.  I have an afternoon flight from Chicago to LA (about 4 hours), a layover of 4 hours during which I have to get through security for the second time that day, then a 15 hour flight home and at least another 2 hours after that.  Estimated total awake time: 33 hours.  Not that I'm whining or anything...

 So I'll leave you for now with two lovely and very kind posts from my friends:

Anthony Pacheco's funny blog post on why can't that Corby character write faster; and

Stephanie Thornton's review of The Pericles Commission.

In the acknowledgements for book 2 (which I've already written) I said right at the start that I don't feel like an author so much as the point man for Team Gary.  So many people have helped me, out of the goodness of their hearts, both in the past and during this tour.  It's simply incredible.  Thank you all!


Stephanie Thornton said...

Travel is lovely, but getting there (and back) is a pain. At least you don't have a little monkey with you- we've done two 27 hour straight travel extravaganzas with our daughter. I think she takes it better than I do.

I hope you have relaxing flights the whole way.

And BTW- I firmly support your motion to save America with fast trains!

H Niyazi said...

I HATE travelling! What's even worse is when you come back home and cross enough time zones to lose a day of your life in the process!

I left Florence on Tuesday arvo and got back to Melbourne on Thursday morning with only two short stops along the way. I want my Wednesday back!!

Hope you have a nice flight!!


Elizabeth said...

Please do save America with fast trains. I HATE FLYING.

Gary Corby said...

I'm back home, and attempting to beat the jetlag in one go by staying awake through the day. This means I've now been awake for 39 hours and mental stability is no longer guaranteed.

I know your pain, Stephanie. We did get our girls to Europe and back two years ago, and moved them from place to place for 3 months while we were there. Not easy, but it turns out we have two little travel angels. They did however threaten to divorce their parents if they were taken to one more museum. On the plus side, they really liked the German beer gardens!

H.N., yep. I just lost Saturday that way. Florence-Melbourne must be a tough haul!

Donna Hole said...

It was a great review. I love that first line: A dead man fell from the sky.


Gary Corby said...

I think that line will be living with me for the rest of my life. Months ago when I revamped the blog, I changed the title, and losing "A dead man fell from the sky" was the only thing everyone disliked. So I put it back. I can't imagine it ever going now.