An interview with Meghan

Meghan Sullivan is interested in all things Ancient Greek. Meghan runs the blog Ancient Musings, where she discusses ancient history, games, and interviews authors who write in the period.

You can read the dark secrets I revealed in my fun interview with Meghan on her blog.


RWMG said...

Don't you have milk of magnesia in Oz? We certainly had it in the UK when I was growing up.

Gary Corby said...

I can honestly say I'd never heard of milk of magnesia until this conversation a few weeks ago (paraphrased from memory but more or less accurate):

Janet: I talked to Keith and we both agree the title will have to change.

Gary: Okay, but what's wrong with it?

Janet: The only use of the word "magnesia" in US English is milk of magnesia. We can't have readers thinking of that!

Gary: What's milk of magnesia?

Janet: to do with bowel movements.

Gary: much laughter That's beautiful. Can we change it to "Milk of Magnesia"?

Janet: strangled tones NO!

RWMG said...

I never really associated it with bowel movements. When I was a kid it was the standard OTC medicine for stomach aches and had quite a pleasant taste.

L. T. Host said...

Gary-- Please, please, please try to come to San Diego. You'll only be nine hours away in San Fran! :D

Great interview, it's exciting to see how the series is shaping up.

Stephanie Thornton said...

That interview was great- I liked the run down of the three books.

I certainly hope you get in contact with the cover artist for your book, Gary. He/She did a really fabulous job!

Gary Corby said...

Thanks Stephanie. The artist can't hide forever...their name appears on the jacket (which hasn't been done yet as far as I know).

Gary Corby said...

Hi L.T.!

San Diego is already on my wish list with Sarah the Publicist.

I've been to San Diego before and I love the place. The beaches are great. San Diego reminds me of my home in some ways. If you, like, think of Chinese and Spanish as being the same language.

Apparently it's early to be thinking about bookstore events so it might be a while before any events are confirmed. I'll start an events page somewhere so people can see where I'll be.

I'm open to suggestions on places to go, by the way! With the caveat that there are no guarantees.

If you're in San Diego, L.T., then you share a city with the excellent YA mystery author Barrie Summy.

L. T. Host said...

Glad you like it here, it is a beautiful city. And how neat that it reminds you of home because I've always wanted to visit Australia. I know there are no guarantees, but I would definitely come out to any events you have if you stop here. And bring all my friends. :)

I didn't know Barrie Summy was here! I do know Kiersten White is, if you don't know her yet, she's another author with her debut coming out in September this year-- PARANORMALCY.

Jude said...

I really enjoyed reading the interview :) And I'll never get over how you started as a math guy then ended up writing awesome historical mysteries.

And lolol @ the pic of Janet with a tiara on the side!

Gary Corby said...

The shark with the tiara is from Janet's twitter avatar on tiara days. Which I never partake in because tiaras are not entirely my style.

Gary Corby said...

Hey L.T., I'd love to meet you and your friends! (especially at a book signing :-)

Seriously, the thing I'm looking forward to most at the end of this year is being in the same room with people I've been talking to for so long, yet never met.

Between Sydney & San Diego: temperature's about the same, humidity feels about the same. Both have great beaches. Great food. People are really friendly. What's not to like?