Off to Bouchercon

I'm off to Bouchercon tomorrow morning, leaving in 9 hours. I haven't preset any blog posts because

a) I would need too many; and

b) I'm rather hoping to blog while in the US, hotel internet connections willing.

There'll be a short delay before next post. Total travel time exceeds 24 hours, and then you have to allow time for my brain to re-congeal.

I've lost count of the number of times I've been to the US. I know it's more than 14. What'll be exciting this time is meeting the people, very different people from any previous trip: writers, fans, editors, and the odd agent.


MattDel said...

If only Bouchercon were closer to New England, I might be more willing to make the trip there.

Ah well. I'll make a trip to say Hi during your book tour next year.

Mimzy said...

Have a good trip!!

suzie said...

Have fun!

Peter Rozovsky said...

Hasta la vista!
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Gary Corby said...

Thanks everyone. I am now ensconced at Bouchercon.

Looking forward to meeting you soon Peter.

Janet Reid said...

And now you've met your odd agent!

Gary Corby said...

Indeed I have, and I can now say none of the rumours are true. Janet is delightful and bears no resemblance to a shark, if you don't count that's she's blue and has a fin and sharp teeth.