How does an author sign an eBook?

I was thinking about these eBook reader thingies the other day - and I might add neither the Sony nor Amazon models are available in Australia...grrrr - and it occurred to me: how's an author supposed to sign their book if it's in bits and bytes inside a box?

Somehow a digital signature doesn't have the same caché.

Anyone have a good answer?


D.A. Riser said...

What about providing the reader with some sort of special image for your fans to post on their facebook page or blog?

Sherri said...

How about sending a special signed postcard to the buyer?

Gary Corby said...

Thanks, those are two good ideas! I may end up doing both or something similar. I was thinking about doing faceplate stickers that would fit in the book. The postcard would sort of work the same.

Tiffany Schmidt said...

You know at the grocery store when you swipe your card through the gray machine and the clerk tells you to pick up the stylus and sign in the box? And then you look down and discover someone super-clever has signed on the screen in ink, so you have to sign-through their uber-intelligent signature.

I wonder how long until someone does that to an e-reader. Of course, let's assume that if a person was intelligent enough to get their book produced, they're intelligent enough to know the difference between a stylus and a ballpoint.

I'd like to assume everyone knows this difference, but my weekly trips to Wegmans tell me otherwise. :-)

Gary Corby said...

Good point, Tiffany. I'll try and remember if I'm ever in that situation. "Use the stylus, not the pen, use the stylus, not the pen..."

Though come to that, you've reminded me of something that did happen to me years ago. Stay tuned for next blog post.