Roast a writer, an agent, or a publisher!

Book Roast is the brainchild of the excellent Chris Eldin, and she's turned on the oven and set the grill for the 2009 season.

Book Roast serves up a variety of authors and books, lightly grilled and seasoned with humor. First dishes will be one hot publisher, two terrific agents, and six fabulous authors.

It's a great chance for readers to hop on and find out what writing and publishing is really like.

The launch line-up is:

Monday, Jan 12: Mystery Publisher
Tuesday, Jan 13: Eric Stone (my agent-sibling!)
Wednesday, Jan 14: Agent Lucienne Diver
Thursday, Jan 15: Barrie Summy
Saturday, Jan 17: Elysabeth Eldering

Monday, Jan 19: Mystery Publisher
Tuesday, Jan 20: Traci E Hall
Wednesday, Jan 21: Maggie Stiefvater
Thursday, Jan 22: Agent Nathan Bransford
Friday, Jan 23: Jennifer Macaire

The smouldering remains of interviewees past and present can be found at

I'll see you there!

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Chris Eldin said...

Thank you!! Very're a wonderful writer and friend.