A dead man fell from the sky, landing at my feet with a thud.

Welcome to my blog, the humble effort of an intrepid author, as he attempts to write a few historical mysteries that someone might want to publish.

I've redirected this blog to my own web site, so it'll be a miracle if it works first time.

The title is the opening line from my novel, The Ephialtes Affair.


Gary Corby said...

Well there you are, miracles do occur. It worked first time.

Dennis said...

Hi, Gary. When I meet someone interesting, I enjoy starting from the beginning to sort of appreciate the creative evolution.

I don't know if you'll get this comment, or even care, but I look forward to reading your posts in order and commenting accordingly.



Gary Corby said...

Welcome Dennis!

Yes, I read every single message on every post. Hope you enjoy my ramblinbgs.